The Definitive Guide to Cheap Outlander Season 4

May possibly 12, 2013 ... we just passed through the new moon passing along with our quite a few 7 days's lengthy electrical reference to Saturn that peaked just lately SO When you are suffering from higher gusty winds and weird weather conditions thank this and my function for comprehension what is going on .

September 28, 2012 posting ... Unique posting concerning freshly discovered comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) ... THIS IS GOING TO BE An extremely Intriguing COMET !!! there are numerous really attention-grabbing alignments together with a brand new collision While using the planet Mars ... this could definitely cause some important weather conditions consequences on mars which could incorporate electrical discharges involving the comet and mars .

Flooding in St Francisville-Louisiana (hardly ever just before observed heavy flooding in the height in the dry season due to fast flash flooding)

my May possibly 14, 2015 weekly radio display has become posted over the archive sub-website page ... this week i include commentary on prior 7 days shops pertaining to choice energy along with the rush to set up solar power ... the primary science topic specials using a hypothetical scenario of the establishing significant comet winding with the photo voltaic procedure that hypothetically interacted with Earth earth in the time of your dinosaurs and leading to some devastating gatherings causing the demise of the dinosaurs and at some point turns into IO the internal most moon of jupiter ... jim mccanney

November 23, 2014 putting up ... the controlled smoooze noooze not too long ago has become managing chief stories prepping the public to "assume chinese hackers to consider down our electrical power grid" ... To start with this is a single Excellent explanation NOT to promote the so called "wise grid" (what i call the DUMB AND DUMBER GRID) ... having said that ... as our energy grid stands today Substantially of the place relies on 1900's grade know-how and is not matter to hacking particularly if you reside within a rural place ... This is often similar to the story i just lined on the Chinese J-31 jet fighter plane they explained was carbon copied from the new US File-35 stealth fighter allegedly the look hacked because of the chinese from some lowly US aerospace defense sub-contractor of giant lockheed martin ... NOPE once again ... the way in which this operates is definitely the world bankers Possess a community of "salesmen" who shift military services insider secrets around the world for enjoyment and earnings but the tip activity is to keep the major powers "balanced" to make sure that if a single receives out of line (like you the US citizens) you are able to be conveniently put in your home by just shifting the equilibrium of power a little bit in favor of the other facet whom In addition they fund as a result of their phony world banking network ... this was exactly what the "cold war" was all about ... try to remember crawling underneath your quality faculty desk in drills intended to instill the story of Those people awful russians who had been about to blow us to smithereens with a minutes observe ... This really is how the bolsheviks obtained electrical power throughout the russian revolution ... the rothschild banking empire financed equally the mensheviks and bolsheviks right until they chose to Minimize arms for the mensheviks and a little bit Increase for the bolsheviks and WALLA ... a gain with the world bankers who currently had their banking institutions in place and Charge of the russian governing administration ... ya you betcha ... as well as the russian persons thought they won the revolution ... This can be how the bankers have managed energy about the United states of america and russia for decades (but oooops russia's putin is bracing in opposition to them now just isn't he ... so listed here arrives the avalanche of exertion becoming positioned towards him .

December 16, 2014 publishing ... the Image above reveals the irish protesting privatization of drinking water and outrageous fees currently being billed by the government of Eire (which not surprisingly is controlled from the british crown that is the representative from the world bank) .

August 01, 2013 ... my weekly radio clearly show is posted around the archive sub-web page ... i replay  President Eisenhower's 1961 farewell handle in which he cautioned from the monster military services industrial intricate Nonetheless in the event you hear your complete speech he stresses additional The federal government funding and monopoly of presidency sponsored science that's the basis of your navy industrial complex ... I need you to examine what he was actually indicating ... he puts price on the person scientist generating for your sake of science rather than the establishment of monopoly science ... our current science framework from the USA with NASA and also the NSF along with other alphabet soup companies directing science is exactly what he was warning about ... the ownership of articles of Publications and newspapers and radio and television (like the approaching COSMOS series) and now the internet is best down .

April 19, 2012 submitting ... this week's radio display archive is now posted on the archive sub-web page ... i focus on the subsequent ... modern earth weather concentrating within the United states midwest plus the himmicanes that continue to cover the land and pound relentlessly with significant storm devices ... i explore the corn sale that is happening at this time over the sales web site ... PLEASE Buy THE NON-HYBRID Natural HISTORICALLY Significant CORN SEED For yourself OR SOMEONE You recognize ... this is an extremely rare corn seed and many of us have to propagate this for posterity and have in as lots of locations as feasible ... begin to see the protected Net buying page for particulars ... the planting season is on us from the southern states and coming before long into the northern states ... begin to see the safe Website ordering page for particulars ... i ongoing Along with the topic on the population bomb in the USA comparing it to India which tripled its population concerning 1961 (four hundred million inhabitants) to 2001 (one.2 billion) ... tripled populace in just 40 several years and by using a mortality charge in young children beneath 5 of about fifty% !

July 19, 2012 publishing ... about his THIS 7 days'S Demonstrate IS Essential Hear ... my weekly radio show is currently posted over the archive sub-webpage pop over here ... i had problems with my relationship to WWCR in Nashville so equally the internet feed along with the shortwave feed ended up quite terrible ... you should pay attention to the archive and we have been engaged on the cause of the lousy relationship ... In this particular week's radio show principal topic i contend with the topic of Planet X and critique the 1991 posted summary of Naval Observatory's Robert S. Harrington who unexpectedly died immediately after publishing the report they were being generating the ultimate measurements of The situation of Planet X ... nay sayers try and dismiss this report but it absolutely was funded by NASA and documented inside of a NASA journal .

August 18, 2012 posting ... my weekly show archive is currently posted over the archive sub-page ... this 7 days i take a look at hurricane development and the internal composition of hurricanes ... i talked having a listener this earlier week and i found ... as is quite a few times the situation ... that Many individuals would want a repeat lesson in what my climate e-book teaches regarding how these storms are linked to the ionosphere and in the end to electrical circumstances in outer Room .

“Moribund has actually been intending to start a rock label For a long time, but have never been able to find the ideal bands to launch the new imprint until finally now!

December 06, 2013 ... my weekly radio clearly show is now posted over the archive sub-web site ... go to my site this 7 days i look at the numerous plasma results visible in comet ISON (and NO ... ISON is not really intending to strike earth and we're not about to go through a particles discipline nor its tail and NO we aren't likely to be hit by an EMP from ISON and comet ISON does NOT have a mini photo voltaic technique encompassing it and NO to all the online market place baloney and Yet again the gov disinfo brokers are chaotic all on the internet posting Untrue references to me some using previous radio clips Reduce and pasted into youtube videos or in other postings) .

September twelve, 2014 putting up ... my weekly radio clearly show has become posted around the archive sub-page so hear as i continue on the discussion of The brand new book focusing on Dispersed ENERGY And the way it will perform ... naturally this is the most important topic in The brand new eBook posted underneath ... jim mccanney

August twenty, 2013 ... two merchandise just in ... a comet just approached the Sunlight and activated a full coronal mass ejection ... We have now documents of numerous these though the officialdom for the naval observatory states "not relevant" ... are these researchers actually that Silly ??? Of course They may be but don't forget This is actually the tier II science pawned off on the general public ... A further posting states that researchers last but not least have admitted that thunder clouds usually do not make more than enough energy to produce lightning and are now planning to cosmic rays (superior Vitality protons from other stars) to bring about the lightning (sounds like an individual has become looking at a lot of flash gordon movies currently) .

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